About National Clones

Established to bring the nations cloning companies and farms together.


Working with the nations leading clone growing companies.


Able to connect any farm with a THC or CBD clone service, nationally.


Established specifically to deal with commercial farms and producers.

Pesticide Free

All clone services who work under the National Clone umbrella are required to remain pesticide-free.

Our Story

As the cannabis and hemp industry continuously evolve, National Clones recognizes the lack of logistics and distribution the clone industry and the need for farms to source healthy cannabis and CBD clones with ease and logisitically sensible. Over the last 5 years we have connected medical and recreational cannabis and hemp farms with clone providers who are capable of matching the demand required.

  • Cannabis Clone Inquiries 60% 60%
  • CBD Clone Inquries 40% 40%
  • Happy Farms 99% 99%